Maya Deren, Take Zero

Maya Deren, Take Zero

This documentary is a dialogue between, on one hand, films and voice recordings by Maya Deren (1917-1961) and, on the other, interviews with characters from the celluloid and anthropology worlds who knew her first hand. Maya Deren, Take Zero displays a brief voyage through different ways of approaching art, ethnography and, above all, cinema. The film includes interviews with Jean Rouch, Jonas Mekas, Alexander Hammid, Graeme Ferguson, Cecile Starr, Herbert Passin and Robert Gardner, as well as images from Maya's unfinished film Witch’s Craddle (in collaboration with Marcel Duchamp).

Data Sheet

Direction: Jaime Ballada and Gerard Gil

Production: Marcial AV and La Ferida Produccions

Music: Recordings by Maya Deren and Teiji Ito

Cast: Alexander Hammid, Jonas Mekas, Jean Rouch, Robert Gardner, Graeme Ferguson, Cecile Starr, Herbert Passin.

Year: 2002-2012

Duration: 30 min