The making of the Mobile World Congress

The making of the Mobile World Congress

MWC is not only the mobile event in the world, but also a global reference for the organization of any kind of trade fair. The carrying out of an event of this magnitude is, in addition to being a technological challenge, also a true organizational challenge. It requires highly complex team work and thorough preparation to be put in place 15 months before each event. GSMA, the organizer of the MWC, has the overall responsible for its success, demonstrating in all its approaches an unparalleled level of thoroughness, quality and innovation. We have worked with them 5 months, following them step by step, to try to explain not only how to organize a congress, but how to organize the best congress in the world.

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Data Sheet

Direction, Production and Postproduction: Marcial AV

Client: GSMA

Year: 2016

Duration: 23 minuts